XPrinter Barcode Printer 58mm

NGN 10 000
XPrinter Barcode Printer 58mm


Description : Main Features: Fast printing up to 120mm / sec for both text and graphics. 2. Supports store logo download and print (BMP file). 3. Supports Android and IOS system. (Available) 4. Compatible with Epson ESC / POS. 5. Easy for paper installation, easy maintenance, and excellent structure. 6. Low power consumption and low operating costs. 7. Plug and play, Built-in Power Supply. Specifications Printing Method: Line Print Resolution: 384 Dots/Line (8 Dots/mm, 203DPI) Printing Speed: Up to 120mm/Second Line Spacing: 3.75mm (Adjustable via command) Line: Font A-32 Lines/ Font B-42 Lines/ Simple Interface Type: USB Character: Standard GB18030 Character Size: ANK Character, Font A 1.5x3.0mm (12x24Dots) - Font B 1.1x2.1mm (9x17Dots)Graphics Printing: Supports bitmap download and print Paper Type: Thermal Paper Paper Width: 57.5ñ0.5mm Paper Diameter: 60mm Paper Feed Method: EasyÿFeed (ClamshellÿFeed) Print Command: ESC/POS Power: Input AC110V/220V, 50~60Hz , Output DC12V/2A (Built-In Power Adapter) Drawer Power Output: DC 12V/1A Product Weight: 0.4Kg Product Dimension: 180*115*127mm Working (Print Density 12.5) Application Area SuperMarket, Restaurants, Hospitals, Toll Booths, Parking Lots & much more.

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